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Dedicated Servers

Server #1

CPU: P4 3.2G FSB800
2MB Cache
RAM: 1 GB PC3200
HD: 120GB SATA Drive
5 IP Addresses
Bandwidth: 1200 GB/month
OS: CentOS-Linux Enterprise, FreeBSD,
99.9% Uptime SLA
Basic Server Management Included


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Server #2

CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.8
1MB Cache per Core
HD: 120GB SATA Drive
5 IP Addresses
Bandwidth: 1200 GB/month
OS: CentOS-Linux Enterprise, FreeBSD,
99.9% Uptime SLA
Basic Server Management Included


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Server #3

CPU: Dual Xeon 3.2 Ghz
800FSB EM64T
HD: Dual 200 GB SATAs
5 IP Addresses
Bandwidth: 2000 GB/month
OS: 64Bit-CentOS-Linux Enterprise
99.9% Uptime SLA
Basic Server Management Included


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If you are looking for the ultimate in power and flexibility, a dedicated server from is the hosting platform you need. Our lineup of dedicated servers offers a range of different configurations to meet most any need.

Complete Dedicated Server and Network Monitoring

Downtime costs money. Every minute your dedicated server is down could be a sale lost or a visitor who goes to your competition instead.

We proactively ensure your Dedicated Server is up and running at all times. How? We do it in two different ways.

  1. First, every dedicated server monitors itself. We install a software package called chkservd. chkservd is configured to monitor the critical services on the server. If it finds a service down or non-responsive, it automatically restarts the server - and dispatches an email to the server owner. In many cases if a service, such as the Apache web server stops responding, chkservd will automatically restart it, and you'll never know it was down at all.
  2. Second, we contract with, a 3rd party dedicated server monitoring service that monitors every one of our servers constantly. verifies that all dedicated servers respond on HTTP and SSH every 5 minutes, all day, every day. performs these server checks from two different remote locations, one in Miami, Florida, USA and the other is from Los Angeles, California, USA. If at any time a server fails to respond, our technicians get notified automatically via pager - and they immediately start working on the server to resolve the problem.

All of our technicians have pagers that they carry 24 hours a day. If there is a problem with a dedicated server, we get notified right away and we get on it right away. So, if there ever is a problem - we will probably be working on fixing it before you know it exists.

Multi-Homed Tier 1 Networking

Our servers are colocated at the Superb DCA2 Datacenter in McLean, Virginia. This datacenter is peered with and has direct connections to more than 100 different networks and carriers. More detailed information about the network can be found here:

Every dedicated server includes 1000 GB of monthly data transfer over our network. If you require more than 1000 GB in monthly bandwidth, please contact our sales staff for a quote.

Full Dedicated Server Root Access

Full root access is standard on all of our Dedicated Servers. With root access, you are in complete control - you can literally do anything you want to on the server. This includes things like install custom software, make configuration changes and more.

Active Server Management Included

We provide basic server management support for all of our dedicated servers. Shown below is a list of included dedicated server management services. Server management services not specifically listed are not included with the cost of the server - but can be contracted for a reasonable, negotiated fee. (Please contact our sales staff for quotes on additional management services.)

System Management Operating System Management Other
• chkservd Monitoring
• Internal Monitoring
• External Monitoring
• Hardware Replacement
• Free Reboots
• Patching Included Software
• Kernel Upgrades
• up2date Patching
• CPanel Support
• WHM Support
• Apache Support
• Exim Troubleshooting
• Network Troubleshooting

Dedicated Servers That Are Easy to Use & Easy to Manage

Our Dedicated Servers come with the world-class Web Hosting Manager (WHM) and CPanel software installed, configured and ready to use. Using WHM and CPanel you can perform all of your dedicated server management tasks directly through the WHM and CPanel web browser interfaces. No logging into a cryptic command line and no previous server management experience is required.

The WHM and CPanel software includes automated processes to perform software and Operating System patches automatically. Whenever a new patch or software version becomes available, it is installed for you automatically. There is no need to keep track of patches, vulnerabilities, and software updates. The dedicated server will do it all for you, automatically.

Need a Custom Dedicated Server?

Can't see a dedicated server package that will meet your needs? No problem. Just contact our friendly sales staff and let us know what your looking for. We'd be happy to custom quote and build a dedicated server to fit your needs.

Fully Managed Servers

AssortedInternet Stage 1

  • Add Additional IPs to the Server
  • Updates/Patches for Supported/Pre-installed Software and OS as Requested
  • Repair of Major issues with Pre-Installed Software*
  • Ping Monitoring
  • Free Reboots
  • 24/7 Support
  • 24/7 Toll-free Phone Support*
  • 24/7 Onsite Personnel
  • On-Demand Security Assessment (Quarterly Upon request)
  • Operating System Updates
  • Application Security Updates
  • Compromised Server Recovery Level 1
  • Control Panel Updates (CPanel/Plesk)
  • Free hardware failure replacement
  • Free operating system reinstall upon hard drive failure ***
  • $95

AssortedInternet Stage 2

  • Initial Security Hardening
  • APF Firewall Installation
  • /tmp directory hardening
  • Rootkit Hunter Installation
  • Catch PHP nobody Spammers
  • SIM (System Integrity monitor)
  • PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
  • Server Port Monitoring – 4 Services
  • Disk Integrity Monitoring and Response
  • Compromised Server Recovery Level 2 (reformat to recover and restore)
  • Service Monitoring
  • No Fee for OS Reinstalls
  • Best Effort Third Party Application Support (within 15min)
  • Resource Monitoring (Drive Space, Processor usage, Server Load, System Memroy, Swap Space, )
  • Failed Service Restart/Repair***
  • 1 Hour System Administration/month**
  • $65 Per month

AssortedInternet Stage 3

  • Server Port Monitoring - 6 Services
  • NOWSecure Defense System Level 2
  • NOWSecure Level 1
  • Apache DOS Resistance tuning (mod_dosevasive)
  • Apache Security enhancement (mod_security)
  • BFD installation and response
  • Log Analysis
  • 2 Hour System Administration/month**
  • On-Demand Security Assessment (Monthly)
  • OS Hardening Checkup (Quarterly per request)
  • $35 per month


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